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ACTUAL PATIENT LETTERS, (most sent via EMail),
You may contact them by E Mail and discuss with them their experiences at
The North Penn Hernia Institute.

  • . From : M.W. -Manhatten, N.Y, New York
    Sent : Mon 1/28/08 7:48 PM
    Subject : Thank You from New York

    Dear Dr. Goodyear

    - This letter is a long time in coming, and I apologize for that. Then again, it's really your fault. You made it all so easy, and I've felt so great, that I tend to forget about it.

    I am now at just over three months since my hernia surgery (October 11, 2007). People are consistently amazed when I tell them how I was wheeled into surgery at about 8:30 in the morning, and was on my feet walking around shortly after 10:00 (and on the road heading back to Manhattan by 11:00!) I was back at the gym doing a full cardio workout a day later, and by the next day had added light weights to my workouts (I am a weightlifter, and was very anxious to resume my routine as soon as possible.) Within a week (ok, I admit it... a little less than a week) I was increasing the amount of weight I was lifting a little bit each day, and within about two weeks, I was lifting almost as much as I lifted before the surgery - with absolutely no discomfort. Also during that time, I recorded a new CD (exactly one week to the day after my surgery) and resumed my voice over work almost immediately. Very shortly thereafter, I was back onstage performing, as good as new - if not better. Truly, during the entire recovery period, there was virtually no discomfort. I had discontinued any pain medication by the second day, and seldom needed so much as an ibuprofen after that.

    I have to admit that the idea of surgery of any kind has always been pretty scary to me, and I put off this surgery longer than I should have, but I'm very grateful for my procrastination, because it gave me the time and opportunity to extensively research hernia surgery, and to have the great good fortune of reading about NPHI and the advanced technique you use.

    I can't thank you enough for what you and your wonderful staff did for me. I sing your praises every chance I get, and I wish I had a larger forum for doing so. Please give my warmest regards and thanks once again to everyone there, and please feel free to have anyone who would like more information contact me. It would be an honor.
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    Best regards always
    - M.W.-Manhatten, NY, NY

  • . From : H.C. -Pittsford, New York
    Sent : Friday, March 31, 2006 4:32 AM
    Subject : after the fact

    Hi, James Goodyear, M.D.

    well 13 days and all bandages are removed and I never missed a day of work. This was the best decision i ever made.. You and your staff were the best. It was as if I had been there before and everyone knew me. As for the next day with You showing up at the Hotel to check on me. Trust me I have told MANNNNY people and they are in AWE.. Thanks again It looks WONDERFUL!!!

  • . From : D.P.G.-Coos Bay, Orgegon
    Sent : Saturday, December 18, 2004 11:17 PM
    Subject : James A. Goodyear M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Hi Dr. Goodyear,

    I came to see you for a double inguinal hernia operation on September 20 three months ago, and I wrote most of this about four weeks after the operation. I really enjoyed meeting you, and found that your really terrific web-site is a reflection of you.

    At week four, I wrote that things were going well. I think that when you have the ?double? operation, one of the two hernias doesn?t feel quite so right compared to the other. The general swelling went down a lot in four or five days. The bandage came off 10 days after without any problems at this stage or shortly after the swelling went down to the level of the original hernias.

    Now at month three both sides are feeling very good.Things are going well I think. Both my wife and I really appreciate the North Penn Hernia Center and think very highly of you.

    P.S. On our last night before flying back we drove to New Hope on the New Jersey border, and we had dinner at Havana?s. The food was excellent. It was recommended, but it looked like it would be food light and atmosphere heavy. Not so.
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    Thanks You Very Much
    D.P.G.-Coos Bay, Oregan

  • . From: K. A. North Kingstown, Rhode Island
    Subject: Progress Report
    Date: February 19, 2001 6:54:22 PM EST

    Hi Dr. G:

    Well, here we are at postop day 24 and all is going great!!! Thanks to you...again..I was able to make our cruise vacation last week and the only time I thought about my recent surgery was seeing the small healing ridge when taking a shower. I went on 6 scuba dives, jogged 3 miles three separate days on the ship, and lifted luggage- all without any problem. Yesterday I got back on the bike for a brisk, but conservative, 20 mile ride through rolling hills. I hope to get back into shape to do Lance Armstrong's Ride for the Roses in early April in Austin- a 100 mile race to raise money for his cancer foundation. I'm registered for the race but don't know if I can be in good enough shape by then- I'll try.
    I will never no how to thank you enough for such great care and getting me back on my feet so quickly. You've also inspired me to have a new outlook at work with renewed enthusiasm for my practice (Veterinary Ophthalmology)- I'll bet not too many of your patients can claim that from your work!

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    Thanks again for your help,
    K.A.-North Kingstown, Rhode Island

  • . From: B.H.-Savannah, Georgia
    Subject: My Hernia Surgery - Progress Report
    Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:14:47PM EST

    Dr. Goodyear:
    Well, today is the tenth day since my surgery and the bandage is off! It looks pretty darn good! Thanks again for all you have done. I couldn't be happier with my decision to travel from Savannah, GA to Lansdale, PA to have you do the surgery.
    As you will remember, I first contacted you by email, after finding your website on an internet search for information about incisional hernias. Because there are undoubtedly many others out there like me, I'd like to detail my experience for your website, if you will let me, in the hope that it might help someone else with their decision process.
    When I discovered that I had an incisional hernia, my family physician sent me to the general surgeon he felt was the best in the area. When I went to see him, he confirmed the original diagnosis and told me that he didn't believe in using mesh, unless it was absolutely necessary. He said that he intended to suture the opening and gave me his reasons for preferring this over the use of mesh.
    Upon searching the internet for information about incisional hernias, it quickly became apparent that the use of mesh was preferable because there is less chance of recurrence, the recovery period is shorter, there is less pain, there is usually no need for a general anesthetic and therefore, the cost is lower. In my search, I learned that there were a number of hernia centers which used a variety of techniques, many including mesh. In reviewing their websites, I found yours to be the most helpful and informative.
    I then sent you an email, outlining my situation, as best as I knew it, and asking a number of questions. This was on a Saturday. I fully expected not to hear anything before Monday, at the earliest. To my surprise (I should probably say shock!), I heard from you within hours. I then sent some follow-up questions on Sunday, again, never expecting an answer until at least Monday. Within hours, you had responded on Sunday!
    Among my questions were what your opinion was regarding the reasons my surgeon gave for preferring to not use mesh. You answered this and then called me to be sure that all my questions had been answered and that I was completely comfortable with why you believed your mesh technique was preferable to the standard (or most any other) technique.
    I immediately scheduled surgery for Tuesday, 11/20/01. I arrived at North Penn Hospital(Now called Central Montgomery Medical Center Surgical Short Procedures Unit at 6am that morning. You examined me at about 6:30 and surgery took place immediately thereafter. In spite of the fact that, once you began the procedure, you discovered two other smaller hernias (one above and one below the obvious one), you were able to repair all three under a local anesthetic in about an hour. You even did some cosmetic repair of my navel, which had been damaged in a previous surgery! I was on my way by 11:30am!
    We went to a mall and walked around for an hour or so. We did it again later in the day and twice the next day, before flying back to Savannah on Thursday morning. We arrived home just in time to attend a family Thanksgiving dinner!
    Prior to returning, we saw you for a check-up and to change the bandaging. You even offered to come to our hotel! We chose to meet you at the hospital, since we planned to get out and about anyway and knew you had a heavy case load.
    Sure, there was some pain and I moved a bit slower for a few days, but it was very tolerable. While you said that I could go back to golf after 10 days, I still intend to wait a few weeks, just to be absolutely sure. However, I'm improving my putting, in the meantime, and sure do feel as though I could tee it up today!
    Thanks again for being you! You are the most professional, approachable and responsive physician I have ever encountered. You're also a very friendly, good and caring person. The staff at North Penn Hospital couldn't have been more helpful, reassuring and pleasant either. If surgery can ever be so, it was a truly wonderful experience!

    Thanks, B.H.
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  • . Subject: Grateful Patient from Argentina
    Received: Thur, 08 Nov 2001 13:12:07
    From: J.C.C.-Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Dear Dr. Goodyear:
    This is to let you know I am doing allright after the operation done on October 8. I followed your instructions and walked the very first day and the following day I was able to drive to Philadelphia. I took the bandage off here in Buenos Aires and had not pain whatsoever. I am doing great and right from the very first day no one of my acquaintances could believe I had such operation. I walk every day at least one hour and keep a very active life. Soon I star swimming and biking. I feel great and I am very happy of having known of your expertise. God bless you and God bless America. Thanks for everything!

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  • .

    Subject :2-3 wk. Status Report
    Date :Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:59:13
    FROM: J.P.-Clarksburg, West Virginia

    Dr Goodyear:
    Unbelievable! You are a miracle worker.
    When I read the testimonials on your site, I found them hard to believe. I have been through the procedure and I still find it hard to believe.
    I had surgery for a bilateral hernia on Oct 1st. I had such good success, I am coming back up there for an encore on this coming Tuesday.
    I did not have to take anything for pain (prescription or otherwise). There was no pain at all. There was no bleeding or drainage. I was expecting to see a bright red ridge at the site of the incision. There was just a smooth pink line. A few days later you could barely see the scar.
    You said there would be swelling and firmness for 2 weeks. After another 3 weeks the swelling and firmness would disappear. I did not see any new swelling from the surgery. There doesn't appear to be any numbness or change in testicle size or function. There was never any signs of infection. I had no nausea or dizziness.
    The service by everyone at the hospital was outstanding. I was impressed with their thoroughness and their level of customer service. They really lowered the stress level tremendously. I honestly didn't think that I could survive that kind of procedure under a local anesthetic but it was not an unpleasant experience.
    You made a believer out of me!

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    J.P.-Clarksburg, West Virginia
  • .

    Subject: THANK YOU-Doing Great!
    Received: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 14:34:52 PST
    From: T.M.-Irvine, California

    Hi Dr. Goodyear,

    Well, it's been two weeks since the repair and everything is going great. The drive back to Mass. was fine and the flight back to California was without incident. I've been able to run and throw my son around without any problem so far (although I've been doing both fairly gingerly, just to be safe).
    The cardiovascular workouts have been ok and I'm starting light weights now (since it's the end of my two weeks and frankly, I'm sick of riding the bike for 48 minutes ... :-)
    I'm extremely happy with everything so far. I think reading your bulletin board and talking with Bruce (who also had a repair done by you) helped me make up my mind and it was definitely the right decision.

    Thanks Again !!
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    T.M.-Irvine, California

  • . Subject :Post Op Report, Day 12
    Date : Fri, 11 Oct 2002 21:34:55
    FROM: T.G.-Clifton, Virginia

    Dear Dr. Goodyear,
    I have been meaning to email you, but I have been too busy with other things. It's been less than two weeks since my surgery and I have all but put it behind me. It is only at odd times that I am reminded of it, when I shower or change clothes, or something similar. I remember your telling me that, in your opinion, people should live their lives and pay attention to things necessary therewith and therein and not have to spend time in hospitals or with medical procedures. Well, I have my life back to the point that, except for the "ridge" and the absence of an abdominal bulge, there is no vestige of the hernia.
    My running has returned to full intensity. The last two sessions, 4.5 miles each, I posted times within 10% of the best that I have ever posted. I wasn't trying to do this. It just happened. I do notice less abdominal "shaking" than prior to the surgery.
    In my opinion, the above two paragraphs constitute the fulfillment of your sentiment.
    On 09 Oct. I removed the plastic shield, the bandage, and the tape. All came off without any problems. The area had started to itch and the plastic had peeled somewhat, so I was really glad to be rid of them and shower thoroughly.
    Barring something unusual, I'd have to say that I am well on the way to being fully healed and that your prediction of a full recovery in fourteen days is well within reach, maybe even a bit conservative.
    This experience has been truly remarkable. Everything about it has been perfect; your competence, your general demeanor; your obvious concern both for my feelings as well as for my well being; your respect for my intelligence and acknowledgement of my need to be actively involved; your dedication to, in your words, "doing the job right the first time"; the obvious competence and superior interpersonal dynamics of the surgical team; the conduct of the Short Procedure Unit; and, finally, the accommodations and support provided by the Central Montgomery Medical Center. I can honestly and truly say that this was the best medical experience that I have ever had.
    The above is even more remarkable in light of the fact that I am healthy, strongly independent, and, generally intellectual in my understanding of life. Over the years I have come generally to hate doctors (especially the elitist kind), detest being a patient, loathe hospitals, and, in general disdain anything that is even remotely connected with the mainstream practice of medicine in this post modern age. Thanks to you and to this experience, I now have a different perspective: I see evidence that the "practice" of medicine can live up to the "vision" of medicine provided by the science that underpins it.
    In addition; and in a much larger sense, I must conclude that you are much more than a doctor. You are that to be sure, but you should understand that your personal philosophy is daily and unavoidably instrumental in healing not only patients, but an industry as well, one that, in the minds of many, badly needs healing. So, while you are a doctor of medicine, you are also a philosopher of medical practice (and, I suspect, of many other topics as well). The industry is fortunate to have you, more so than they are probably aware.
    Again, thank you for all that you have done.

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    T.G.-Clifton, Virginia
  • .

    Subject: THANKS!!!
    Received: 16 Jun 2001 10:38 AM
    From: Doctor D.M.-Fairmont, West Virginia

    Dear Dr Goodyear & Staff,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness, understanding & skill. I don't think anyone could have been more NERVOUS than I was. You & your staff answered all my questions & concerns. I really didn't believe that my repair could be as simple & pain free as you said it would. EVERYTHING YOU TOLD ME IS TRUE.I shopped with my wife the evening of my surgery, walked to dinner & had a comfortable night's sleep. I felt even better the next morning!
    The trip home, 6 hours, was great. We took in the sights of Gettysburg & had lunch at an old tavern My recovery to date has been remarkable, no pain to speak of, no bruising, just a little stiff in the morning. The most amazing thing is that the "best" local surgeon advised me that it would be 4 weeks before I could return to work, that I would need someone to help me walk to the bathroom for two weeks, & it would be TWELVE weeks before I would start to feel normal. I did the laundry yesterday, up & down the basement steps with a laundry pain!!
    Words can't express the appreciation I feel.
    One small suggestion, perhaps you should downplay you patient's ability to do household chores!
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    Thank You;
    Dr. D.M.-Fairmont, West Virginia

  • . Subject: Recovery Update
    Received: Sunday, January 2, 2005 7:56 PM
    From: "P.W.-Des Moines, IA

    Dear Dr. Goodyear,

    It has been three weeks and two days since you repaired my left inguinal hernia on Friday, December 10. The healing process is progressing quite well, and I have had minimal discomfort. As of today, there is practically no swelling. All that remains is the healing ridge, which is quite firm?almost hard. I am and have been extremely pleased with the whole experience?before, during, and after surgery?from our initial telephonic consultation? to pre-registration? to check-in and surgical prep? to the thoughtful communication in the operating room? to the attention provided in recovery area? to your stopping by my hotel the following morning. I?d like to give you an account, as best I can recall, of my recovery.

    Upon arriving back at the Residence Inn in North Wales (which by the way is a wonderful hotel) following surgery, I jumped on the elliptical machine for ten minutes, which caused me no discomfort whatsoever. I took two or three walks to the adjacent strip mall and did three 16-18 minute stints on the treadmill (at 3.5-4 mph with moderate incline) the rest of the day. Interestingly, I experienced less discomfort while walking (both on the pavement and on the treadmill) than while resting. I felt a need to take my first hydrocodone tablet at 3 pm; I took another at 10 pm and my third and last the following morning around 5:30. The hydrocodone kicked in fast, and at around 7:00 I went downstairs to walk on the treadmill and have breakfast. You came by and examined me at 8:15 and said everything looked good. You also told me what to expect in the way of additional swelling and discoloration?and it all played out as you said it would.

    At noon, I took two extra strength Tylenol tablets instead of the hydrocodone. I checked out of the hotel at 2 pm, and Tropiano picked me up to take me to a hotel near the Philadelphia airport. After checking in at the airport hotel, I found the exercise room and put in twenty minutes on the treadmill. Then I walked a couple blocks to have dinner and took a couple more Tylenol upon returning to the hotel. Before going to bed, I hit the treadmill again. I awoke around 1:30 am with a strong throbbing sensation in the surgery site, took two more Tylenol, and went back to sleep. That was the last pain medication of any kind I?ve had since surgery.

    On Sunday morning, I walked twenty minutes on the treadmill before checking out and heading to the airport to catch my flight home. I got there unnecessarily early, so I walked for a good twenty minutes before boarding the airplane. The flight posed no problems. A nurse from NPHI called Monday morning, and I reported that all was well. I went to work (wearing jogging pants for comfort) and put in a full day. The only days that I?ve missed work were the Thursday before surgery to fly to Philadelphia and the day of surgery. On Monday, I went back to work wearing the jogging pants and flew to Grand Junction, CO on business. On Tuesday morning, I removed the plastic drape from the surgical site and wore strips of paper tape over it to protect against frictional irritation the rest of the week. I wore jogging pants the whole time I was there and came home on Thursday, the 23rd. Since returning home, I have worn slacks and jeans every day and have had no problems?although I?m not sure I?m yet ready to engage in ?aggressive contact sports.?

    Dr. Goodyear, I am completely pleased and satisfied with what you and your team have done for me. Had I not had to travel, I would have missed only one day of work instead of two. What a contrast that is to what a local surgeon told me?i.e. that I would probably feel like returning to work a couple weeks after surgery! Not only am I thrilled with the minimal post-surgical downtime and pain, it is such a great relief to know what good, competent, and caring hands I was in and that I got the best repair available anywhere.

    Thanks again to you and your team. I am forever grateful.

    P.W.-Des Moines, IA.
  • .

    Subject: Excellent Recovery
    Received: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 16:08:22
    From: C.L-Ashland City, Tenn

    Dr. Goodyear:
    Just a note to let you know I am doing, in my own opinion, excellent! You are the best. You have so many kudos.
    1. Nordic Tracked the first day home and every day since.
    2. Went to work the first day back.
    3. No need for any pain medicine.
    4. Played a full round of golf after 7 days. Wish I could say I improved!
    5. Etc. etc. etc.

    Thanks, Your patient and fan,
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    C.L.-Ashland City, TN

  • .

    Subject: THANK YOU
    Received: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 12:19 AM
    From: T.P., Ithaca, New York

    Dear Dr. Goodyear
    It has been six weeks since the surgery. I feel like new. My recovery has been just as your write up described. One of the reasons I decided to make the trip to Lansdale was all the reassuring testimonials from your patients.To help your future patients in their decision I would like to add my letter to the testimonials.

    I appreciated the fact that I could walk immediately after the surgery and keep walking every day. I had to take prescription pain medicine only the night of the surgery and the day after. I have not taken asprins or tylenol since the surgery.

    I also appreciated your accessibility at all times by e-mail and phone. I would recommend you to anyone who has a hernia.

    Best wishes and regards,

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    T.P, Ithaca, New York
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    Subject: Comments on my Hernia repair
    Recieved: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2001 16:24:54
    From: P.M.-New York

    Hi Folks,
    LISTEN! I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU. I RESEARCHED HERNIA OPERATIONS JUST 10 DAYS AGO WHEN I WAS DIAGNOSED AND FOUND A FABULOUS DOCTOR WHO IS CARING, TALENTED, AND PROFESSIONAL. I had my inguinal hernia operation with Dr. James A. Goodyear of North Penn Hernia Institute on Monday morning (Oct. 15, 2001. It's a little over two days now and all seems well. I was very impressed with him, his staff and the hospital. They are all very caring, talented professionals. No one can believe that I walked out of the hospital by midday, took walks with my wife that afternoon and ate out at a fabulous Chinese restaurant that night. Dr. Goodyear is the best. So is his is the Central Montgomery Medical Center (formerly North Penn Hospital), where the operation is performed. Everything he presented on his website is TRUE! He's just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I live in New York State, an hour north of NYC. The trip was worth it!!

    What more can I say?!?
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    P.M.-New York State

  • .

    Subject : Thank You
    Received: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:27:40(PDT)
    From: J.Z. New York, New York

    Letter #1
    Dear Dr.Goodyear,
    How are you doing! I'm doing alright. This short message is I just want you to know I'm so grateful to you and all the nurses and surgeons in your institute and hospital for bringing me such a beautiful memory of my trip to Lansdale. My experience is unbelievable, even with traveling by myself. I feel at home and like I was being taken care of by my neighbors. I never met so many nice new friends in a single day, and I never before had chance to communicate with an American family (they are so nice) ... I still don't know why God chosed me to have all of these come true in one day. So far by now, I didn't feel any pain, all the post-op effects are normal and I try to stop taking the prescriptions from today. Since I feel so good. Each step with confidence now! I really feel it was tension free, especially free in mind, starting from the time I was diagnosed! Please take my best wishes to all the nurses and surgeons! It's my fortune knowing all of you!
    Best Regards,
    J.Z-New York, New York

    Dear Dr.Goodyear,
    How are you! I am your patient J. Z. It's nearly 3 weeks after my surgery. My recovery is great! Actually my repair was strong immediately after surgery. I increase my activity gradually, for example, I lifted a bed to third floor via stairs by myself 10 days after surgery, and now I'm the fastest pace in Broadway again! (my department is on Broadway). I knew my hernia would be done by sure hands exactly when you diagnosed. What's more, the professional service and warm care I received before, during and after my surgery from your staffs made a possibly 'painful' thing sweet! Please take my best wishes to all the nurses and surgeons!
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    Yours sincerely,
    J.Z.-New York, New York

  • .

    Subject: Thank You-Up
    Recieved: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 5:53 PM
    From: D.B.-Sparta, NJ

    Dr. Goodyear,

    I am doing fine, based on healing of incisions and disappearance of swelling

    This is to say a hearty Thank You for your expert care. The whole experience of bilateral hernia repair at your Institute and in your OR reflected medical professional expertise one could only wish were more the norm. Your years of specialization in hernia repair made me feel a confidence that, it turns out, was well placed. I am giving your name to someone here in Sparta who requested a referral.

    My bike hanging in the garage has had its annual tune up and I look forward to welcoming the road department's street sweepers which remove thick layers of gravel from the road shoulders every year here in hilly northwest NJ.

    Again, thanks for your help.

    D.B.-Spart, NJ

  • Subject: My Experience!
    Recieved: Friday January 31, 2003 03:37.18 PM 2003
    From: G.S. Kansas City, MO

    Well, after all the waiting and worrying, I finally had my left inguinal hernia surgery done last Tues at the NPHI by Dr. Goodyear. I liked the fact that he was a specialist and I also liked the procedure he used, not to mention the faster recovery rate.

    I flew in to Philly from Kansas City, MO to have it done. Fortunately, there was a direct flight so I didn't have to deal with catching a connecting flight. At first I was trying to decide between going to NPHI or the Miami hernia center. The Miami center sounded really nice since it is winter time now, but their web page was not nearly as thorough as Dr Goodyears, and he was easier to get in touch with. After researching for several months, I felt most comfortable going this route. Most people think I'm crazy for going this far for something as minor as a hernia surgery, but I have my other personal reasons for why I chose to do it this way.

    When I got to the Philly airport, I was tired and wanted to get to my hotel rm quickly, so instead of being patient and waiting for the Tropiano shuttle service, I caught a cab. Big mistake since the hotel was 1hr away from the airport. Cost me $80 one way vs $50 round trip on the shuttle. I stayed at the Best Western listed on Dr Goodyears site. It is a pretty nice hotel too.

    The next day, I caught another cab ride to the hospital and checked in. The nurses were very friendly and helpful. After changing into my gown, I met Dr Goodyear for the first time where he examined me and took his time answering all my questions. I never got that rushed feeling from him that you get from most other Dr's. As I watched some tv and read in the waiting area, a nurse came over and gave me another blanket, just in case I was cold. That was a nice touch. Then, about an hr later, my turn came. The surgery took about 50min or so if I remember correctly, which was longer than expected but went smoothly. I think I fell asleep for the inital part, but was awake for the remaining part. Once done, Dr. Goodyear offered to give me a ride back to my hotel since I came alone. How's that for service? After I was in my rm, I actually felt pretty good and was able to walk with a slight limp. I think it was mostly due to the fact that the anesthisia had not worn off yet. As the night went on, I could feel more and more soreness. By now it was around 7pm, I had been up since 6am, and I hadn't eaten anything but a cookie I had at the hospital. Earlier I asked what I could eat, and I was told I could eat anything I felt like. With that in mind, I orderd a roast beef dinner (included 5big slices), mashed potatoes, veggies, a bowl of French Onion Soup, Salad, Coke, and to top it off, a Mississippi Mud Pie (that really hit the spot). It tasted so good after a long day. That's quite a bit for me to eat since I'm only 5'4" and 140lbs. I slept quite well. The next morning I was really sore since the anesthisia had worn off and my muscles stiffened up. After all the eating I did the previous night, I was ready to take my first dump since surgery, and I'm happy to say it went quite well. I know...that's probably more than you wanted to know but I'm posting for anyone else who was wondering about this like I did beforehand. Anyway, Dr. Goodyear came by my hotel room again so I wouldn't have to take a cab back to the hospital. I was very grateful for that. He checked me out, explained a few more things, and told me the day after is the worst day. Even then, I was never in any real pain, I guess it was more like a really really bad cramp, or the feeling you get the next few days when you haven't worked out in months and then suddenly hit the gym really hard. Anyway, once Dr. Goodyear left, I called the Tropiano shuttle service and rode back to the airport. The shuttle ride was the worst part of my whole trip. I think the driver was purposely looking for pot holes to hit, because we must have hit every one there was !!! It was the longest hr ride of my life. The first few were tolerable, but then it was like...wham...wham...wham...and I was like...ouch...ow...ouch!!! I finally arrived at the airport and took a Lortab prescription drug and waited for my flight back to KC.

    Today, 3days later, I feel pretty darn good. I still have soreness, but it is not bad. It's only difficult when I have to bend over to put on my socks or tie my shoe. Now, if I have to sneeze or cough, that is painful. But, I did just go through surgery so nothing is pain free. There is some minor brusing, but it is nowhere near as black and blue I thought it was going to be. Maybe there just hasn't been enough time yet for the bruising to happen.

    Despite the fact that this was a long trip and was considered out of network for my insurance, I am glad I chose this route. I researched this for several months, and I felt most comfortable going this route. If I had to do it over again, I would choose Dr. Goodyear without hesitation.

    The most common advice I found was to go with what you feel most comfortable with. Also, whatever method you choose, just make sure your surgeon is very familiar with that method and you'll be fine. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. As many have said before...waiting was the worst part.

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    G.H.S.-Kansas City, MO

  • .

    Subject: Surgery/SO FAR SO GOOD!!
    From: B.L.-Union, New Jersey
    Date: July 28, 2000 9:52:22 AM EDT

    Dear Dr. Goodyear,
    Thank you so much for everything. Things have gone quite well since surgery. Perhaps you would like to share my experience with others.

    A big anxiety was the fact that I was getting local anesthesia and a cocktail of sedatives including a state-of-the-art narcotic called Versed. I knew that this drug causes amnesia for the event, but not convinced that one wouldn't be in pain during the event. I remember a couple of times when I felt only mild pressure, but immediately became alert when the surgeon called out my name stating he was just finishing. I recall NO unpleasantness.

    When the Dr. Goodyear sent us on our way, he gave me a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever which we haven't filled. He told us to drive towards home for an hour, stop, get lunch, then walk around for a while. We stopped in Peddler's Village in Lahaska, parked, walked in the rain to a pub, ate a couple of sandwiches (I took only an anti-inflammatory with the food), then walked around the place for an hour browsing through some of the antique shops. I was really comfortable. After that we drove home and I put up a pot of coffee. I was pretty wired. Needless to say, I slept lightly that night, getting up frequently to go to the bathroom. This was a blessing in disguise because, by getting up frequently, walking up and down the stairs, etc., my muscles did not get a chance to stiffen up.

    On Thursday, I went to see our horses at the barn with my wife. I helped her a little bit with the grooming and carried the saddle for her. Then I went for a fairly leisurely walk about 1-1/2 miles. Friday, since I was not taking any narcotics, and surely over any traces of sedatives given at surgery, I drove myself to the gym. I walked 20 minutes on the treadmull, about one mile on a slight incline, 10 minutes on a stationary bike set at the lowest resistance averaging 55rpm, did some of the machines (very carefully) for abdominals, and light weights for the upper body. That afternoon, I drove my wife to the barn, tacked up the horse with no problems -- even picked his feet and wrapped his legs. We went out for dinner and I enjoyed a couple of beers. Saturday I went to the gym. I walked 1.25 miles in under 20 minutes at an incline of 3.5%, a little more resistance on the stationary bike at 65rpm, and started to intensify my upper body work. Sunday I went to the barn and got on my wife's horse, to walk him out, after she rode him. I had no problem getting on the horse from a mounting block. My stretch at the walk was comfortable. However, when I tried the rising trot, I could slightly feel some mild pain so I only trotted five times for a few seconds each time -- however, each time, the pain was less. I ride dressage and have another young horse. I am 57, a retired music teacher, passionate about riding, in excellent shape and I am determined to ride him competently as soon as possible.

    Dr. Goodyear assured me there were no restrictions (as long as I'm not taking narcotic pain relievers). I could proceed to do as I wish as long as I felt safe and balanced. He said there was no way that I could harm the repair -- he claims a failure rate of 1/2 of 1%. If I feel comfortable in the surf at Cape May perhaps wading waist deep, I'll do that.

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    Thank you --B.L.
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    Subject: PLAY GOLF !!!
    From: A.L., Long Island, New York
    Date: August 30, 2000 6:16:17 PM EDT

    Dr. Goodyear:
    I played golf yesterday and today and feel fine. Today I felt better than yesterday, but, yesterday was o.k. also. Overall, I am quite amazed at what you did! This was basically no big deal and I was back to "normal" in 2-3 days!!! 30 years ago I was in agonizing pain and "out" for 6-8 weeks!!! The repair seems quite strong and I am "more" than satisfied so far. I want to again thank you for the very professional manner in which you took care of me...and the result! I am most appreciative.

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    Thanks again,
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    Subject: FANTASTIC
    From: D.T.-Green Lane PA
    Date:October 2, 2000 12:49:21 PM GMT

    Dear Dr. Goodyear,
    All I can say is "FANTASTIC"!!! I thank you very, very much and I am sorry that I did not have it done by you years ago. The pain was much less than I had expected and I was doing mild work around the house by Saturday morning! I have already discussed your procedure with one friend and he will be contacting you within a month or so. I will continue to spread the good word.

    Once again, many thanks.
    Best regards,

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