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We feel that no one single mesh or mesh system is suitable for each and every hernia. Rather, hernias differ both in type and location, and also differ from patient to patient, often times quite significantly. Our experience and expertise allow us therefore to evaluate AT SURGERY (not just on preliminary examination) the physical properties and dynamics of the hernia in that patient. We then specifically and properly select from the many available mesh products (seen below) to 'TAILOR' the procedure to the distinctly identified needs of that patient. Each mesh or mesh product has it's individual surgical benefits that are best realized only when properly selected specifically for the patient's needs. This is our "BENCHMARK" approach to hernia repair, always employing the TENSION FREE principle.

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MESH is a surgically designed, sterile woven material, made from a synthetic plastic (ie: Polypropylene), specifically used to repair hernias at the North Penn Hernia Institute. These sterile mesh "PATCHES" or "SCREENS" are wafer thin, soft and pliable or flexible to easily conform to body's movement, position and size. They are also quite strong and effectively repair your hernia completely and immediately. As seen above, several varieties, shapes and sizes as well as several manufacturers of mesh are readily available to us at our Hernia Institute. We are extremely "Selective" in the use of these products, choosing the particular mesh system and TENSION FREE technique most appropriately suited for each and every patient. We are not wed to any single technique or approach. We feel that no single mesh product is appropriate for all hernias.

Since hernias vary and patients differ, we fully evaluate the physical forces present and the nature of the anatomy of your hernia at the time of surgery. We believe that no one single operative technique or repair method is appropriate for all hernias or all patients. Similarly, while we always use the advanced TENSION FREE approach, we feel that since no single mesh system product is appropriate for "all" hernias or all patients, a selective "TAILORING" of the procedure is necessary.

We therefore use our extensive experience and expertise at the time of surgery to carefully select the appropriate mesh system and "Tension Free" technique that will be most effective. We carefully design the procedure and tailor the mesh specifically to the patient, their hernia, and their particular needs, and do not just "...fit the patient to the mesh product", as is too often done. This approach forms the foundation of our BENCHMARK APPROACH

With our 'Benchmark' approach method, muscle is not cut nor is it pulled together or sewn under tension. Doing this would cause unnecessary swelling or pain. Yet with our TENSION FREE techniques, the hernia is safely and most effectively repaired. Using the mesh as a 'scaffolding' there is rapid in growth of the patient's own tissue to further correct the hernia, completely without tension.

This is the true benefit of having surgery at a DEDICATED HERNIA INSTITUTE and by HERNIA SPECIALISTS.

This approach to hernia surgery assures our patients the safest and most effective repair available, by utilizing the mesh or mesh system that is best suited for their particular hernia.

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